Is Dancing With the Stars two-time professional dance champion Julianne Hough back together with her ex-fiancé, Zack Wilson?

The blonde beauty, who helped race car driver Helio Castroneves take ABC’s Mirror Ball trophy last season, made OK! wonder when she was spotted in the audience at Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann, cheering on Zack as he competed on the reality show.

Her appearance was surprising because Julianne called off her wedding to Zack in early 2007. In October, the 19-year-old told OK!: “I’m not [engaged anymore]. Timing is everything. He was ready, I wasn’t.”

But are the pair back together? Julianne wasn’t giving interviews after Dance War, but Zack, 26, was talking… somewhat.

Asked if they were an item again, he laughed, “I’m going to plead the Fifth!”

Zack did say Julianne has been helpful to him as he’s participated in Dance War, ABC’s search for the ultimate entertainer who can both dance and sing.

“The biggest advice she’s given me is to let America see who I really am, to see my personality,” he says. “That is what has helped her get to the level that she’s at in this business.”

Zack, who has also studied dentistry, plans to cheer Julianne on as well when DWTS returns next month. “I’ll be going to Dancing With the Stars next season. We support each other in whatever we do. We remain very close.”

By Carole Glines

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