Dancing with the Stars hottie Julianne Hough has no problem giving her opinion on who she’d like to see on next season’s dance competition.

The 22-year old tells OK! she is a huge fan of country legend George Strait.

"I’d like to see a country artist get out there and dance," she told OK! at an event to celebrate her new Juicy Fruit Jingle held at Nokia Theater in NYC. "They’re really not known for their dancing skills."

One celeb who definitely wants to compete next season is former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler, who says it was pal Julianne who convinced her to do the show.

"I told her I thought it would be fun," Kellie,22, told OK!. "It’s only a couple of months. It’s not like you’re signing on for the rest of your life."

Pickler, who has a background in gymnastics, tells OK! she’s never had any sort of formal dance training.

"I can go to the clubs and shake it, but I don’t know all the technical stuff," she admits. "It would be fun because it would be a challenge for me to get to learn the technical things in dance…really learn the technique of it."

Kellie also adds, "I think it would be fun to wear all the pretty clothes and twirl around!"

Uh-huh! The truth comes out!

By Valerie Nome



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