Another of Britney Spears‘ legal troubles nears a close today as both sides in her misdemeanor driver’s license violation trial have finished their arguments and handed it off to a jury to decide the singer’s fate.

The pop star is on trial facing charges that she had been driving in California for years but retained her Louisiana license. In addition to a potential $1,500 fine, the maximum penalty these charges carry is six months in jail, though it’s unlikely Brit would ever see any prison time.

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Yesterday, Britney’s lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, argued that the pop star’s true home is indeed in Louisiana and therefore should not have had to change over her license as the prosecutors charge.

The singer’s father, Jamie Spears, said under oath that his daughter had been planning on moving back home to Kentwood last year, but was waiting for the conclusion of her drawn-out custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Brit was not in the courtroom for any of the two-day trial.

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