"…that doesn’t mean we don’t go all the way there." So said Sir Richard Branson on Virgin America’s first San Francisco to San Diego flight today.

Smart, successful, witty and a hell of a sense of humor too.

But enough about Branson, more about me 😉

I flew from LA to San Francisco last night for the launch, slept a few hours at the W and had to board a bus, ehem, ‘Virgin Limo’ to the airport at 7:15am. I guess working New York hours from LA soon I better start getting used to mornings.

Through a mutual friend, and co-hosting karaoke together at Angels & Kings, I’ve recently befriended "30 Rock" and "Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles" actor Dean Winters and he and his girlfriend came along as well.

We all made it through the morning where somehow the champagne on the flight did more to wake me up than the coffee that preceded it.

In-flight I met a couple that met on a Virgin America flight when they sat next to each other on the plane the day before New Year’s!
But, I gotta go down to the party now, at The Ivy in San Diego, the hotel where I’m staying – and love!

More later! xoxo


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