EXCLUSIVE: Justin Bieber seen skating through Central Park, with out a shirt and is joined by Usher in Central Park

The rumble between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom continues! Less than a day after word broke that Orlando lunged at Justin and tried to punch him, Justin posted an Instagram pic mocking Orlando. Shots fired!

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The Biebs posted a pic of Orlando crying, with no caption or explanation. The pic has actually remained up on his account as of this morning; typically Justin deletes the dramatic photos that he posts (like a typical teenager!). For example, in the hours after the fight, Justin posted a pic of Orlando’s ex Miranda Kerr, then deleted it.

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What are the two fighting over? Rumor has it that Justin hooked up with Miranda years ago. Of course, Justin is 20 now and Miranda is 31, so the math is a little foggy. What’s the beef, you guys? Stay tuned!

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