It was pretty clear to everyone around him at Thursday night’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals that Justin Timberlake was rooting for the hometown L.A. Lakers.

According to a witness in the stand, JT was all smiles at first as his team broke open a 24-point lead against the rival Boston Celtics. "He was nursing a beer, standing up to cheer, and even lifting up a little kid when he was shown on the Jumbotron," says the OK! spy.

But when the Lakers blew their mammoth lead in the game’s waning moments and ultimately lost in truly humiliating fashion, it was a quick swing of emotions for their pop superstar fan in the stands.

“After the game, Justin looked like he could have cried,” another source, who spotted the singer following the Lakers defeat, tells OK!. “His face was red and his eyes were glassy. It looked like his dog just died.”

By Jon Warech

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