The new comedy The Love Guru may star A-list actors Mike Meyers and Jessica Alba, but it was the film’s supporting actor who ended up stealing the show–in a Speedo!

Justin Timberlake is revealing what it was like to wear the body hugging swimsuit for his role as L.A. Kings goalie Jacques Grande.

"This may be TMI but I was constantly digging out those wedgies!" The Grammy winner told Extra of his skimpy attire. Wedgies aside, JT says he actually enjoyed putting on the Speedo.

"I work out pretty diligently," he says. "At the time I was on tour, I worked on this film for ten days…I was on tour…so I was in shape."

Meyers, who co-wrote the film, tells Extra it didn’t take much to persuade Timberlake to strip down. "He’s not an uncomfortable person," Meyers explains. "This is a guy who was golfing yesterday on a pro course and got under 100. The Speedo is getting some very good reactions from people. Some people are very happy about the Speedo!"

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