While Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are splitting custody of Jayden James and Sean Preston, K-Fed is being accused of keeping a less than clean home. In fact, TMZ reports that the people who own the home he lived in until May say he ruined the house with his dirty habits, chain-smoking and other damage, making it seem like his house would be far from safe for kids. 

The owners of the Tarzana, Calif. house say K-Fed up and moved out without paying his last six months in rent, and turned the home into a cigarette-riddled, spit-stained dump. They’ve sent a letter to the former backup dancer, demanding $110,661 in unpaid rent and damages which include:

• Gutters full of cigarette butts and empty beer bottles
• A broken beer dispenser on the barbecue island
•  Permanent spit marks on exterior paint
• Broken light covers
• Bent light posts
• Broken tiles
• Dead trees and plants due to failure to water
• Drawings all over the walls
• A room that was turned into a studio (without the owners’ permission)
• Broken dishwasher … with broken baskets
• Dismantled smoke detectors
• Front driveway oil-leak damage
• Master bathroom windows tinted (without owners’ permission)
• Garage door opener not returned

The owners threaten court action if Kevin doesn’t pay up.

With dismantled smoke detectors, exposed electrical wiring and other hazards, how could Sean and Jayden have played there safely?

TMZ also includes pictures of the home, post-K-Fed.

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