Before even beginning VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, sources tell OK! Kevin Federline has started a weight loss program to lose at least 40 pounds that will require an entire team of help.

Kevin’s security group is responsible for buying only healthy groceries like fruits and vegetable, his personal trainer is in charge of keeping him on a regular exercise routine, and his doctor will supervise the whole process. “He’s under a doctor’s supervision for slow, progressive weight loss, and that takes time,” a source close to Kevin tells OK!.

Who’s to blame for his current extra large self? His ex, Britney Spears and her father.

“He didn’t gain weight overnight. It was a very slow progression that started with the stress he had to endure from the unpredictability of his custody situation,” the source says.

Britney’s father is also to blame because he’s too good of a chef! Kevin said his former father-in-law got him addicted to grilled meats.

Now that Britney and Kevin’s custody battle has been settled to extend a 50-50 custody agreement, Kevin plans to focus on his weight.

Britney is blamed for the bad, but Kevin’s other ex is blamed for the good. Kevin’s former girlfriend Shar Jackson is the one who convinced him to try and lose weight and both will be appearing together on Celebrity Fit Club in February.

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