UPDATE: Kourtney writes on her official blog confirming the vandalism: “All of the graffiti on the wall was gang-related and there were carvings in the glass.  All in all, the damage is pretty bad, but they’re painting over it now! Luckily nothing was taken from the store… Of course the paparazzi were all over this, and assumed our new Dash store had been the intentional target.

We want to make it clear that no one was targeting the store or Kim, Khloe and myself, specifically. The location of the store has remained a secret since we started filming, so there’s no way whoever graffiti’d the store front knew it was Dash. They were just defacing buildings in the area."


CLICK HERE for Kourtney’s full post and photo of storefront.




Did someone deliberately deface the Kardashian girls’ new Dash boutique in Miami Beach? TMZ is reporting that the store owned by Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian was hit by vandals, just one day before its grand opening tomorrow.


The site says police are at the scene, trying to determine if someone broke in and if the vandals were specifically targeting Kim.


More details to follow as they’re available.


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