It’s war between Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway! The two play rival brides in the upcoming Bride Wars and their cinematic feud has translated to real life (minus the “bride”).

“Kate and Anne can’t seem to get along,” a film insider tells OK!. Things got worse when Anne’s longtime beau, Raffaello Follieri, 29, was collared for bouncing a bad check, an incident Kate, 28, refused to show compassion for.

“Kate basically made her feel worse by insinuating he’s a loser,” the source tells


OK!. For her part, Anne is “trying to stay positive,” a friend of the 25-year-old tells OK!. “We used to joke that these two would have to act their asses off to hate each other, but we’ve noticed that they actually do not like each other that much.”


The actresses’ reps have denied the talk.

"None of this is true," Kate’s rep tells OK!, while Anne’s assures his client "is having a wonderful time working with Kate."

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