Kate Gosselin sat down with the ladies of The View this morning, and admitted that her split from husband Jon Gosselin and the subsequent media attention hasn’t been easy. “This is definitely, I’m not going to lie, difficult,” replied Kate when asked how she’s dealing with everything.

“The truth, for the sake of my children — I’m going to take the high road,” and not discuss the matter further, she added. “When you’re in the public eye you’re held to a higher standard.”

However she did admit that this past weekend, in the privacy of her home, she suffered “a meltdown.”

When Joy Behar asked how she could place her life in front of TV cameras, Kate confessed that this year has been a different story from the other five seasons.

Things were “innocent” then, she explained. However things won’t come to an end soon — as a single mother, she admits that she needs the paycheck from Jon & Kate Plus 8.

“Let’s face it, I have to support my children,” she said.

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