Just because Kate Hudson might not currently be dating anyone doesn’t mean she’s lonely – on the contrary. In fact, the Bride Wars star says she’s enjoying herself sans relationship.


“I’m enjoying being single because I really never have been," she tells the UK edition of InStyle. "I feel good in relationships. I enjoy them, so I feel my best when I’m in something solid. But it’s the first time I’ve taken a step back and gotten a new perspective. I’ve made a conscious decision to try to stay single as long as possible.”


Although she might not be heading out on dates, this busy mom feels she’s the opposite of on her own when it comes to taking care of her son, Ryder with her ex-husband.


“Being a single parent can be difficult, but I don’t feel I am one. Chris [Robinson] and I are co-parenting and traveling is where it gets difficult," she reveals. "Chris is on the road and I’ve had a busy last year, so I am going to take a break in 2009. I want to soak in every little part of who Ryder is.”

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