Who ever thought that gloss mane of hers would get starlet Kate Hudson in trouble?


The actress is being sued by a company called 220 Laboratories, which claims that they entered into a spoken agreement in August 2006 with Kate and hair stylist David Babaii to develop and manufacture a line of eco-friendly hair care products called David Babaii for Wildaid, featuring one special component – volcanic ash.


So far so good, right? However 220 Laboratories then says that once they showed Kate and David their ingredient list, including the ash, the duo took the knowledge and went to another company to produce their products. The company maintains that at the time they were the sole provider of volcanic ash to the U.S.


Kate and David, along with their manufacturers, Universal, are being sued for a laundry list of offenses, including misappropriation of trade secrets and fraud.


Now that’s hair-raising.

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