Healthier, happier, and hotter than ever, Kate Hudson is at a prime spot in life!

To what does she owe her success? According to her latest spread in Shape Magazine, Hudson has come to terms with a few lingering issues, making some bold choices, and finding the beauty in her body.

“By nature, I’ve always been a ‘dive in the deep end’ person,” the 35-year-old actress explains to Shape. “Literally. My mom says as a kid I used to jump in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim.”

Through the years, Hudson has developed a keen sense of self, sculpting an amazingly athletic physique and resilient inner strength along the way.

Her standby for keeping calm is meditation, she told the magazine: “Sometimes it’s just staring at a wall, but if you can really be quiet, that’s when you start to re-focus.”

For more of the exclusive interview, pick up the latest issue of SHAPE, on stands now!

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