Kate Hudson's biological father, Bill Hudson, recently said he wants to make amends with his children, Kate and Oliver Hudson, so he can meet his two grandsons, 8-year-old Ryder and 7-month-old Bingham.

He told RadarOnline, "I haven't met any of my grandchildren but I'd like to meet them one day." He added, "I hope to make amends."
The 62-year-old revealed his rough relationship with Kate had been headed toward reconciliation but started to unravel again after she married Chris Robinson and gave birth to son Ryder. Bill recalled, "by 2005 it was back to absolute nothingness…. I regret that I was absent from their life for a long period of time. I should have fought harder."
Although Bill, a former member of the band The Hudson Brothers, has stayed out of the spotlight for a while, he's speaking up in his new tell-all book, Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family. "The book in some ways is an apology to Oliver and Kate. They're my children. They're not celebrities to me."

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