She is without doubt one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood — and the owner of one the most stunning figures!

But Kate Winslet says that she still sees herself as "the fat kid" who was bullied for her weight in school.

"I was the girl that people would always say, “Ah, it’s such a shame, because you’ve got such a pretty face," the Reader star told Marie Claire.

"I [thought], “No one will ever [be attracted to] me!”.

"I had that well into my teens. Even now I do not consider myself to be some kind of great, sexy beauty. I don’t mind the way I’m aging. No reason to panic just yet. I think I look my age, and that’s fine."

The Oscar winner even says that she battled with weight gain into her late teens, after Titanic, the blockbuster she starred in with Leo DiCaprio, had made her a star.

"I blew up like a balloon," she told the magazine. "I think it was the Golden Globe year for Titanic, and I was on a red carpet and somebody showed me a picture and I was like, “F**k, I was enormous.


"I don’t particularly remember sitting at home crying and eating endless packets of [cookies]. I don’t remember doing that at all. Honestly, I think it was a stress thing or something. I don’t know."

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