Some actresses might hit the gym hard when they find out they’re going to do sex scenes for a movie, but not screen beauty Kate Winslet, who plays an older woman in a passionate affair with a younger man in The Reader.


"It was important to me to look real," she tells Entertainment Tonight in an interview airing tonight. "I really don’t believe in this notion that actors and actresses should look untouchably perfect."

And what about filming intimate scenes with an David Kross, an actor 15 years her junior? Nothing new, says Kate.


"It was the same as shooting any other scene of that nature," she explains. "A scene with that level of intimacy involving nudity, you know, it’s always nerve-wracking, and you really have to rehearse those scenes so that everybody knows exactly what’s going on."


One thing she did find difficult, however, was aging 35 years during the course of the movie, by adding makeup and and extra padding.


"It was exhausting," she admits of the process. "It took seven hours to put on every day and the body suit weighs about 15 pounds."

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