This year is Kate Winslet‘s year, and tonight she proved it by winning Best Supporting Actress for The Reader and Best Actress for Revolutionary Road at the 2009 Golden Globes.


However her movies didn’t do quite as well as she did, as indie darling Slumdog Millionaire swept most of the categories it was nominated in, including the top honor of Best Motion Picture, along with Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.


Best Actor in a Motion Picture went to grizzled comeback kid Mickey Rourke, who seemed truly grateful to be once again in the good graces of Hollywood with his movie The Wrestler.


Tina Fey continued her awards season dominance, with 30 Rock grabbing an award for Best TV Series Comedy as well as Best Actress TV Series for herself.


If you haven’t seen John Adams, you’d be well-advised to do so, as it won Best Mini-Series for TV, as well as Best Actress and Actor nods for Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti.


While some speeches tended to drag on the teeniest bit (are you listening, Steven Spielberg?) others were a definite hit, including Tracy Morgan‘s hilarious acceptance speech for 30 Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen‘s quips as a presenter.


Overall, if the Globes are setting the stage for the Oscars, look out for Kate Winslet to take’em all home again, along with Slumdog Millionaire and Mickey Rourke.



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