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Katherine Heigl’s Meddling Mother Moves In

‘She’s causing more problems that she solves,' says source.

She manages her career, and now it seems Katherine Heigl’s mother, Nancy, is managing her daughter’s home life too.

 A friend of the actress says Nancy moved in with Katherine and her hubby, Josh Kelley, shortly after the December birth of their son Joshua

Nancy moved in  to help out — but she’s causing more problems than she solves.

Katherine’s rep denies it, but the pal insists “Josh and Nancy have never really clicked, so he feels like he’s walking on eggshells at home”.

 He can’t even have a private conversation with his wife because Nancy’s always hanging around.”

 And though the musician, 37, has made it clear that he wants Nancy to pack her bags, his 38-year-old wife is adamant she stay.

 “Katherine’s mom is her best friend; she needs her close by,” says the friend. “She’s not willing to change the situation.”

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