Before she became famous for being on the D-List, Emmy nominee Kathy Griffin was a lowly extra in the audience the day Michael Jackson shot the Pepsi commercial that changed his life.“I was happy to be an extra [for the commercial].I was just part of the crowd scene.I will just never forget seeing Michael Jackson from a distance and just thinking, ‘Oh my God, that’s Michael Jackson,’ ” she tells Extra. “You kind of can’t believe it… I remember it vividly, and Jon [Lovitz] was there. They were taping. We really didn’t notice it [when his hair caught fire.”

As soon as the accident occurred, however, all eyes were on Michael.

“When it actually happened, he was literally spinning and then there was smoke and a bunch of people kind of jumped on him. They didn’t tell any of the extras what was going on, then rumors kind of rippled through the audience. By the time I got home that night, it was the biggest news story on the news… And we never knew how serious the injury was. I could only imagine that was very painful.”

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