Katrina Bowden has it all figured out when it comes to maintaining a trim figure.

The 30 Rock star, 22, refuses to count calories and stays fit by eating healthy and working out.

She also limits her intake of bubbly beverages.

“I try not to drink too much soda,” she tells me. “The carbonation makes me feel sick sometimes, and all the chemicals aren’t good for you, whether it’s the regular soda or the diet. Water makes me feel better.”

One diet lesson she’s learned is that cleanses, fasts and detoxes are not her thing.

“I tried doing the master cleanse, but I didn’t last very long on it,” she says. “It tastes pretty awful. I lasted three days. It was pretty bad. Those things don’t work. Once you start eating normally again, you’re not losing fat – you’re losing water weight. It’s going to come right back.”

She adds, “I miss chewing food too much.”

Katrina swears by Epsom salt when she’s retaining water.

“It works pretty well,” she says.

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