Katy Perry made a name for herself with the song "I Kissed a Girl" but she’s actually rumored to be heading down the aisle soon with her boyfriend, Gym Class HeroesTravis McCoy.

"I’m in love and haven’t been this head-over-heels for anyone since the third grade!" Travis tells OK!.


But before he gives Katy a ring, McCoy is testing the waters with gifts–and lots of them!

On Oct. 11, he went to Haimov in Miami and bought a $750 bracelet for his sweetie and a matching watch for himself. Sounds like these two are headed for the big white altar!

Katy admits to kissing one or two girls in her day, but says she’s not gay. Perry and Travis first met while recording a song in New York. She says she prefers to date people in her own industry because they understand the level of dedication needed to succeed.

"My boyfriend travels just as much so he gets the hard, tough lifestyle,"she says. "I’ve learned a lot about self-control."


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