Tik Tok singer Ke$ha has a wild side. She admits she once found her way inside  Prince’s house – and got kicked out.

“I got his address, and snuck under the fence. I inevitably got in, and walked in on him having band practice. I left my CD for him and then got ousted.”

Now that Tik Tok is the #1 single and her debut album, Animal, is in stores, has she heard from him?

“Not yet,” she shrugs.

The high school dropout gets cagey about being a role model, but offers words of wisdom.

“There are certain things young girls can look to me as a role model for – I’m not saying everything,” she says. “I do think it’s an important thing that happiness and the amount of money you have are mixed. There’s absolutely no correlation, because the happiest times of my entire life have been when I didn’t have $2.”

Who’s her celebrity crush?

Shakira is really hot,” the performer born Kesha Sebert says.

What about her real-life crush?

“No. Boys are too difficult. Who’s got the time?”

The Tennessee native gets creative when asked for her fashion inspiration.

“I am inspired to dress like African safari animals and/or Keith Richards,” she tells me.

And favorite designer?

“I dig through the garbage.”

Catch Ke$ha performing Wednesday on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.

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