Far from being anorexic, Keira Knightley has to "eat like a horse" to keep her weight up, according to her mom.

The waif-like Pirates of the Caribbean star has been dogged throughout her career by false claims that she has an eating disorder.

The 23-year-old actress has constantly denied the rumors and even successfully sued a British tabloid last year after it claimed she was a bad role-model for young women.

Now Keira’s screenwriter mother, 57, has told Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper that her daughter has simply inherited her father’s stick-thin figure.

Sharman MacDonald told the paper that Keira’s dancer dad, Will Knightley, 62, has always struggled to put on weight and that the actress also has to "eat like a horse" to stay at healthy size.

“She has always been thin," said Sharman, who wrote the soon-to-be released movie Edge of Love, starring Keira and Sienna Miller.

"She’s her daddy’s daughter, with his long body.”

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