Keira Knightley is the star of The Duchess premiere held at Roy Thomson Hall during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Brit actress, 23, is being selective with her interviews, but can’t resist the TV crew stationed behind me. Uh oh!

“How would a guy like me get a beautiful girl like you into a van for an interview?” the jokester says.

“You wouldn’t,” Keira smartly responds.

He chides, “For an interview?”

“No,” she says sternly. “God, I’d be terrified. You might drive off. I might never get let off. No, absolutely not!”

The jokester says, “She’s not just beautiful, she’s one of the smartest actresses out there.”

Keira cackles, “You couldn’t even get a stantion spot, that’s really impressive, isn’t it?”

The period piece about the perks and perils of an 18th century royal has drawn comparisons to the life of Princess Diana.

“I don’t know enough about Princess Diana to be able to comment on whether there’s a parallel or not,” she says. “I think we’re doing a fascinating movie in our own right.”

Ralph Fiennes says he’d dub KeiraDame Keira,” but director Saul Dibb is at a loss for a royal title. “I don’t think I would give her one,” he says. “I’ll leave that with you.” 


The Duchess opens in limited release Friday. For more coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival, check back tomorrow. 

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