Though Keira Knightley is only 22, the spritely actress has already had her fair share of steamy on-screen moments. And unlike some of her fellow young stars, Keira doesn’t balk at the thought of having to portray those intimate moments on film.

“It’s part of my job, I’m an actress,” Keira, who has a particularly sensual scene with co-star James McAvoy in their upcoming film, Atonement, explains to the UK’s Western Mail. “I think all you’ve got as an actress is your face and your body, and what’s inside your head, your voice — those are my tools, I have to use them." That being said, it isn’t always as fun as it looks in the finished product. “At first you’re a bit embarrassed — and then it became a laugh, and it’s fine."

Atonement, which just premiered at the Venice Film Festival to rave reviews, opens in limited release Dec. 7.

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