Although Twilight Saga werewolf Taylor Lautner accompanied Kristen Stewart to the Oscars on Sunday, Twilight vampire Kellan Lutz isn’t willing to admit the werewolves are gaining popularity.

When asked whether werewolves are the new vampires during Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male Awards held recently, the 24-year-old actor who plays Robert Pattinson’s brother in the series cracks jokes.

“Can a werewolf even be a vampire?” he says. “Would that be some crazy hybrid that sucks blood and gets all hairy? That would be interesting. I don’t think I could make a sexual fetish with a big, hairy dog. I don’t think I’d be turned on.”

He adds, “For me, vampires are mysterious in a sexy, dominatrix way. A werewolf? I don’t like when my dog sheds on me – I don’t think I’d like kissing a hairy, mustached girl. Maybe when she’s in her normal form, great, but not like vampires. We don’t transform into a winged beast.”

Hm, does he require Brazillian waxes for the ladies in his life?

“I don’t care what they do,” Kellan says. “I’m more attracted to who they are to be honest. That gets you through the door, seeing the face and being attracted to someone, but I don’t know for you guys, but I usually don’t see everything else until later on. The face is what draws you in, and then you learn who they are. It’s steps. It really doesn’t matter.”


While he’s happy to talk about female grooming, he’s decidedly more guarded about his relationship with 90210’s AnnaLynne McCord, 22. The power couple raced together Sunday in San Juan, Puerto Rico, during the Triathlon for Life benefiting San Jorge Children’s Foundation.

What does he love most about her?

“Strawberries,” he tells me – and considering I repeated the question twice, he knows what I said. “Strawberries are my favorite food and fruit. They’re nice, they’re ripe and they’re tasty.”

Well, OK, then … very clever.

With his 25th birthday approaching on March 15, Kellan must be gunning for a special gift.

“Just to spend it with friends,” he tells me. “You get so busy and you’re always working, that it doesn’t even have to be on my birthday. Just to spend it with my friends.”

What’s the craziest thing Twi-hard fans have done to get his attention?

“Fans are great,” he says. “The most crazy thing is when they rush you or try and tackle you. I don’t mind giving them hugs, but I’m a big guy, and when you see it in their face like they’re going to tackle you like a linebacker, it’s like ‘hey, hey, security … watch out with this one.’ But no, fans have been great. Some bring handcuffs. One literally yanked them out and wanted to take me home. That would’ve been fun, I think.”

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