An American Idol on Dancing with the Stars?

It could happen!

Season five finalist Kellie Pickler wants to put her vocal cords on rest and put her feet to the test, she tells OK!.

The country singer confided in her friend and DWTS pro Julianne Hough — who is attempting to make it in Nashville herself — that she would like to kick up her heels on the ABC hit.

“I used to do gymnastics for a while. I told Julianne I thought it would be fun,” Kellie tells OK!.

The 22-year-old does have some reservations though. While she can "go to the clubs and shake it," Kellie is unsure as to how she’ll deal with the technical side of dancing. “It would be a challenge for me to learn the technique," she says.

But don’t expect Kellie to trade in her country music career.

“It’s only a couple months. It’s not like you’re signing on for the rest of your life,” she says. “I will always be part of country music for as long as the country music family will have me.”

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