At Tuesday night’s Dressed to Kilt fete at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, Kilt model and country singer Kellie Pickler gushed to OK! about her husband Kyle Jacobs and their runaway wedding.


“Well we were actually in the middle of this huge wedding, we had the flowers picked out, the cake picked out. We had the church, everything booked. And we were just a couple weeks away from our date and I looked at Kyle and I said ‘Baby this ain’t us. Let’s run away.’ He goes, ‘I thought you’d never ask.’ That’s what we did! We ran away and it was so amazing. We didn’t get caught up in the frills or caught up in who is here and who isn’t here and all of those feelings. We didn’t have anything to worry about but each other. That was so good for us and it was right for us.”

Kellie told OK! that although she understands why some people may want the big wedding, this was really the right choice for her and Kyle.

“I know that different strokes for different folks, but for my situation it was the right thing for us and the thing that we really wanted to do was run away. Just we’re making a covenant between him and I and God. That’s the most important thing.”


How did she know that he was the one?

“He’s such a man of God and that’s important to me. He respects me. I can’t imagine living my life without him. I would be a very sad woman if he wasn’t in my life. I don’t know how I made it this long without him. He’s my best friend, you have to marry your best friend and it will last.”

Although she’s only 24, Kellie has thought about having kids… in the future.

“Kyle and I definitely want to have kids one day, not right now. We really want to just enjoy being husband and wife, but down the road absolutely!”


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