When Kelly Killoren Bensimon gets asked if she had liposuction, she laughs “yeah, I would have it  — if you could pay for it.”

In reality, the Real Housewives of NYC star jokes about her secret for tight abs: “Holding them in.”

But that’s not the whole truth.

“I’m a lean girl to begin with,” she says. “I always have been. I was a competitive swimmer, and I don’t do much. I eat well, I sleep a lot and I run. I’m a healthy person.”

She continues, “If you eat well, you sleep well and drink a lot of water, you can shift your metabolism. When people are like ‘I’m on this diet and I haven’t eaten in three days,’ well, your body is in starvation mode, so I never miss a meal. Maybe one meal I’ll have a salad, and maybe I’ll have pasta later. I figure it out if there’s ever an issue. I’m not a big food person.”

Although it may make her fellow Housewives scoff, she maintains a philosophy.

“I like to eat well, but eating well and living well is the best revenge. It’s just having a good time.”

What does she look for in a man?

“I’m looking for a nice guy,” she confesses. “I’m shy and picky. I have two gorgeous kids. I don’t want to go out with some guy to go out with some guy. It has to be someone special. And it’s in public.”

Kelly is very sweet. She actually sent me a thank-you note that reads “Valerie, Thank you for the great article. I am grateful for your support. [heart] Kelly,” written in purplish-pink marker, on her personalized stationary, when her Last Word interview appeared in OK! a few weeks ago. Aww.

When we talked about it during the Target Party For Good: Making Meals To Feed Young Minds event to benefit the Food Bank For New York City, she said “When you do something nice for me, I’m flattered. Thank you.” She’s the best.

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