Even though she’s probably most famous for showing off her sexy legs in ’80s classic The Woman in Red, actress Kelly LeBrock tells OK! she’s not going to worry about squeezing into size-two dresses anymore, declaring, “I’m never going to diet again!”

OK! caught up with Kelly at the Oscar party Night of 100 Stars, where she was fighting mad — because, she said, a nasty magazine recently implied she was fat.

“I’m not fat!” Kelly declared. “I don’t look like a 400-pound heifer! I’m going to keep eating. I eat normally. And I’ve had three kids.”

She added that actresses like herself “have to be role models for all these young girls” so they don’t become scary skinny.

Two years ago, Kelly, now 47, lost a total of 31 pounds on the VH-1 reality show Celebrity Fit Club, but the Weird Science star found dieting just wasn’t right for her. “I didn’t eat for three months," she explains. "It was dangerous. It was a really bad way to lose weight. I will never eat lettuce again!”

When OK! asked how much she weighs, Kelly, standing proudly in a black, skin-tight Dolce and Gabbana dress, said, “I don’t weigh myself. If I can fit into a [size] ten/twelve, I’m happy.”

By Carole Glines

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