Kelly Ripa isn’t just funny on Live with Regis and Kelly, she’s funny in magazine interviews too! Kelly is on the January cover of Redbook magazine, which hits stands Dec. 22, and cracks a few jokes about how her small boobs, motherhood, lack of celebrity and dates with her husband Mark Consuelos keep her humble!

Kelly doesn’t fight the body she was given, she owns it!

“The first thing you learn when you put on borrowed clothes at a fashion shoot,” Kelly says as she stood in her underwear while trying on dresses for Redbook‘s story, “is that someone always has bigger boobs, a smaller waist, and longer legs than you do. Actually,” she adds, “everyone has bigger boobs than I do.”

What else helps to keep her humble? Motherhood.

“Children teach you really fast that you’re not the center of the universe,” she explains. “And my husband is extraordinarily honest and one of the most direct people on the planet. He handles his life in a way that I find admirable and inspirational. He can make decisions in a snap that are somehow still thoughtful, weighing his options and then saying, ‘We’re going with option A.’ I, meanwhile, agonize over what kind of pasta we’re going to have. Angel hair or linguine? I can spend four hours on that conversation alone.”

Oh and not being recognized as a celebrity helps to keep her humble as well!

“I’m never recognized,” she says. “We were doing the show in the Bahamas, and we were shooting in the hotel lobby, and it was [Live executive producer] Michael Gelman, Regis, and me standing there. A crowd gathered, and a woman said, ‘Oh, my God! It’s Gelman, it’s Regis!’ and handed me her camera and asked me to take a picture of them. Then she said, ‘Where’s Kelly?’ ”

If that’s not enough to keep her humble, her dates with her husband Mark definitely do the trick.

“A date night for us is watching Top Chef. A date night for us is getting our kids asleep before 9:30! It’s really just about checking in, asking how the other person’s day is, and cuddling up,” she explains. “It doesn’t have to lead to anything, although it usually does. But it doesn’t have to.”

Still sounds like a very nice life!


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