It was a meeting of two of daytime TV’s biggest names today when Live‘s Kelly Ripa sat down to gab with Star Jones on the former View co-host’s new self-titled CourtTV show.

"I have the world’s greatest job," the 36-year-old mother of three admitted to Star. "But the reason I go to the world’s greatest job is because I have a family." But even with the world’s greatest job, Kelly still finds the need to occasionally step away from the spotlight. "When I go on vacation, I turn off the phone… the TV… don’t read a newspaper… I rarely move."

For over six years, Kelly has shared the stage of her hit daytime show with TV legend Regis Philbin, whom she refers to as "the world’s greatest storyteller." But despite being the king and queen of morning talk, Kelly confesses, "This is the entertainment industry, and there are no guarantees in this business ever."

Star Jones
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