Has fame changed the young cast of Gossip Girl? Not according to Kelly Rutherford, Dan and Jenny’s mom on the show. OK! chatted with Kelly at the Poppy store in L.A. at a Beverly Hills Manners event celebrating Good Manners Day on Aug. 22.


"They’re all just famous, that’s all, " she tells OK!  "That’s the only difference. Everyone seems the same. They’re such a great group of professional people. I’m so inspired by the young people on the show."


As a mother herself, to 1-year-old son Hermés Giersch, Kelly is aware of the effect good manners can have on a young person, even if they’re not in the spotlight.


"Being a good example is the best way to do it because they repeat everything at this age," she says. "I think it starts at home."


Lisa Gache, founder of Beverly Hills Manners, believes that it role models beyond your parents are also very important.


"Look at Madonna," Lisa says. "She’s been all over the map, but she’s written books on self-esteem and confidence for children and she’s tried to raise her children in a way where they are respectful and where they appreciate what they have."


Catch Kelly and the rest of the well-behaved (in real life) cast of Gossip Girl on the Sept 1. premiere on The CW.

By Jon Warech

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