Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford is doing her part to save the planet in her own special way. Not only does she refuse to buy a new car ever again, but she also won’t dine in restaurants that give aluminum foil to-go containers!

It’s hard to believe a popular actress on a hit TV show about material excess would shun a new ride.

“I’m not a big vintage shopper, but I do think, from now on, that I would never buy a new car again,” she tells me. “I would probably only buy a used car or a Hybrid.”

She adds, “I don’t feel like I need to buy a new car, not only because financially, it’s not as smart, but because we don’t need to make more stuff. [laughs] We’re OK with what we have, we just don’t distribute it well. We haven’t figured out how to manage it.”

The mom of two, 42, thinks ecologically in everything she does.

“I tend to base my life around supporting people who are doing things on their own that are good for the environment,” she says. “I buy all organic, and we do our best … I go to places like Le Pain Quotidien because they do have biodegradable containers. I go there a lot to eat. And I don’t go to places where they give me aluminum foil to-go containers or things that aren’t biodegradable.”

She also stands behind organizations that make the most of what we have.

“That’s why Citymeals-On-Wheels is such a wonderful organization, because they take food at the end of the night from the restaurants, and distribute it. We should legislate that, too, and every restaurant should have to do that, and then everyone would have food. It’s very simple.”

When it comes to motherhood, Kelly makes sure to keep her kids healthy and safe.

“I use Seventh Generation products – they’re all biodegradable and nontoxic for the environment and for your kids. If your kids got into them, they’re not going to die, whereas with other products they would.”

Here’s my pic with Kelly:

Kelly Rutherford, Valerie Nome

Happy Earth Day! Do something green like Kelly, who recently kicked off Garnier’s Cleaner Greener Tour in NYC’s Times Square.

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