Kendall Jenner is ready to shed her tame image, even if it means going completely nude!

An insider tells that the 21-year-old is planning a concept nude shoot similar to the ones her sisters have done with Paper and other magazines. However, unlike past shoots, this tame she’s taking the reigns to make sure the experience is everything she’s dreamed of and more.

“She’s furious with W magazine for photo-shopping out her knees – it turned her and Gigi [Hadid] into jokes – so this time she’s demanding picture approval, and she’ll get it if she’s stripping off,” the source revealed.

The move is a shocking one since Kendall had previously looked down her nose at Kim Kardashian‘s full-frontal “break the internet” moment. “It’s amazing because she secretly hated Kim’s nude shoots a year ago, but it things have changed,” the insider explained. Now, she’s ready to bare it all!

“Kenny’s really embraced her wild side since moving into her party pad,” the source added. “Now she wants to do something really edgy and almost unrecognizable, but definitely 100% nude.”

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