Newlywed mom-to-be Kendra Wilkinson and football-playing hubby Hank Baskett recently enjoyed what the reality star calls their “most memorable getaway” to, of all places, a cheeseball hideaway in the Pocono Mountains. And of course, Kendra took to her personal blog to describe the trip as only she knows how.

Kendra writes:
“It’s a couples resort stuck in the 70s and it was sooooo old school… When we got to our room, the first thing we noticed was there were no windows and no clocks. It was like a cave haha… it was like we were time warped into a different decade!!! The room also had a heart shaped jacuzzi, a pool, mirrors all around the bed and a bottle of champagne with a plastic cork waiting for us. The bed was of course round and Hank barely fit on it…his legs were hanging off the edge lololol… This trip was one of the funniest and most unique experiences of my life and it really made us fall in love.”

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