When Kendra and I meet up during SoBe Lifewater’s Zero Inhibitions Bracket Challenge held at NYC’s C&C Studios, she greets me with a warm smile.

“I love OK!,” the reality star, 24, tells me. “I always love talking to you guys.”

The Playboy model, married to Philadelphia Eagles player Hank Baskett and mom to 3-month-old son Hank IV, is ready to impress a room filled with SoBe execs — and me.

The pumped-up pitchwoman is brimming with excitement about the contest, and changes the subject every time to relate it back to the game, laughing all the way.

On the contest…

“In order to play, you have to be 18 and over,” Kendra says. “It’s really important to be 18 and over because we’ll probably be doing 18-and-over things like going to Vegas or they can be with me for a day of taking care of the baby. Of course, they’re going to be scanned and all that, so they’re not crazy people… yeah. I’m going to hang out with the fan that beats my bracket.”

On dieting …

“I’m on a huge diet right now, and SoBe Lifewater is a great drink to drink while being on this diet because of its all-natural sweetener, it’s zero calories, and it’s a great way to quench your thirst with some taste and great flavor. It’s great.”

On Hank loving her post-baby body …

“He loves it. He absolutely loves it, and he loves that SoBe Lifewater helps me out with it.”

On posing for Playboy (again) as a new mom …

“SoBe Lifewater’s definitely getting me back into that Playboy body again,” she laughs.

Sipping from a bottle, she exclaims, “Ew! This isn’t mine. Ugh.”

On her future career…

“SoBe Lifewater’s Zero Inhibitions Bracket Challenge gives the fans the chance to go bracket-to-bracket with me. If they beat me, they just might meet me.”

Finally, time’s up. With a smile, she says, “You’re a smart businesswoman, you know how it goes.”

A few hours go by, and boom, she’s ba-ack! I cover The Bounty Hunter premiere at night, and voila, who shows up but — tah-dah — Kendra.

“I want to go to bed,” she tells me moments after mugging with Miss USA.

She looks great despite a long day.

Here’s my pic with Kendra:
Valerie Nome, Kendra Wilkinson
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