Despite the fact that she made her name flitting around the Playboy Mansion in just about nothing, former Girl Next Door Kendra Wilkinson has come out swinging in defense of women who like to cover up a bit more than she does.

After a blog gave Kendra a backhanded compliment by saying she represents the way women should dress if they want to look sexy, the reality star — who slimmed down for her recent wedding to football star Hank Baskett by swinging on a stripper pole in their kitchen — took to her own site to share her thoughts on the matter.

“There’s nothing SEXIER than confidence in a woman!!!!” Kendra writes. “Weight doesn’t matter… at the end of the day everybody has a different standard for what turns them on. There are probably tons of men out there that find thick librarians smokin hottt! LOL. The way i dress represents who i am and i think everyone should just dress in whatever makes them feel good.”

Kendra admits to being flattered for being considered the ideal sexy woman, but adds, “i just hope u dont make other women feel like they have to wear a ‘cloak’ if they dont look like a playmate!”

Always the wise woman, she goes on to point out the double standard inherent in this sexist way of thinking. “Maybe men should start walking around with their hands cupped on their junk and tank tops that show off their abs,” she suggests, before wisely adding, “but only if they’re built like football players.”

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