Country star Kenny Chesney knows a thing or two about hooking up — and even more about breaking up — in the spotlight, having met, married and split from actress Renée Zellweger in less than nine months in 2005. So it’s no surprise that he’d have some things to say to fellow country superstar Shania Twain to help her get over her break from ex-husband Mutt Lange.

"I flirted with her!" he joked at the Country Music Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night, where he was awarded the Entertainer of the Year award by Shania, making her first public appearance since splitting from Mutt in May.

In all seriousness, Kenny did have this to share about having your love life be the stuff headlines are made of: "Relationships are hard anyway — for anybody — but it’s even tougher when your life is a spectator sport."

It’s been a rough few months for Shania, who saw her marriage of 15 years crumble amid charges of infidelity with the couple’s longtime personal assistant. "She’s an amazing artist. She can do anything she wants to do," said Kenny. "Great songs are the key."

By Valerie Nome

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