They say that diamonds are a girls best friend, but Entourage star Kevin Dillon tells OK! it’s not always the case. ‘I bought her a nice ring in Vegas after I won a couple bucks,’ the actor and younger brother of Matt Dillon recalls to OK! ‘And it was no occasion. It was an emerald with diamonds around it. She looks great in green.’But Kevin says that Jane Stuart, his of his wife of one year, and the mother of their daughter, Ava, thought he’d gone too deep into his pockets for the gift. ‘She was, like, ëyou shouldn’t have spent that kind of money!’ Which is great. You know you’ve got a keeper when they say stuff like that.’Meanwhile, Kevin reveals that Drama, the inept actor he plays on Entourage will find love this season. ‘He does think he’s found the right one – for the moment. And it is his status that helps him out with that? it happens in the south of France.’By: Carole GlinesPhoto:

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