Kevin Kline, 59, helps fight sex trafficking in the crime drama Trade, in theaters Sept. 28.

The actor, who has been married to actress Phoebe Cates for 18 years, is father to Owen, 15, and Greta, 13.

“I think it has an impact on the roles I choose in a very subtle, psychological, deeply subconscious way,” he says at the movie’s NYC premiere. “My kids are very selective about movies. They’d rather see this than see daddy be silly in a comedy.”

What does he think of that other couple, Brangelina, who have said they let their kids sleep in the same bed?

“It is a question that every parent asks. There are so many books that say ‘it’s the family bed, why not?’ and there are others that say ‘oh no.’ It all depends about their age. There is a theory that a child has to teach itself to go to sleep, and if every time it cries, you whisk them out of their bed — the jury is still out on that. But our kids still sleep in our bed.”

Um, we hope he’s joking?

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