Norah Jones is enjoying time off from showbiz after her stellar success in the music industry and role in My Blueberry Nights.

“I’m taking a pottery class,” the Grammy winner, 29, says. “I like to do all the normal stuff – movies, go out and hear music. I’m watching Dexter right now. That’s a show I like.”

She recently took a road trip.

“I went camping at Big Ben’s National Park down on the border of Texas and Mexico,” she says. “I went there as a child. I went there recently and it was pretty spectacular.”

She also got into the swing of things in Memphis while filming My Blueberry Nights. What should we see?

“You should go to Gus’s Fried Chicken and order twelve pieces so you can save some in your hotel room for later. You should go eat ribs at either Central Barbeque or Cozy Corner and you should go to Wild Bill’s and hear music and dance.”

She continues, “You should also go to Sun Records and Graceland, which we didn’t have time to do – but we did get the food delivered, which was good.”

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