Apparently Kid Rock doesn’t reserve his brawling for backstage at the VMAs. According to reports, the singer was arrested after an early Sunday-morning melee at a Waffle House restaurant in Dekalb County, Georgia, following his Saturday-night concert in Atlanta.

Allegedly, the singer and five members of his entourage got into an fight with Harlem Dejon Atkins after he started talking to a woman in Kid’s group inside the eatery. “It escalated to a physical altercation between Kid Rock and that male customer,” a Dekalb County Police Department spokesperson said, “and moved outside into the parking lot.”  

After the fight, in which Harlem reportedly punched and broke a restaurant window, cops pulled over Kid’s tour bus about a mile away from the scene, where he and the others were arrested on charges of simple battery. Kid was released about 12 hours later after posting $1,000 bail.  Tommy Lee was nowhere to be seen. 

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