Kim Kardashian may be one of the busiest moms in Hollywood, but one thing is for —family is a top priority to her!

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The reality star was spotted at the home of Caitlyn Jenner, shortly after she visited a LGBT center, most likely using her motivational speaking skills to discuss her transition to younger people who are in a similar situation. Kim was filmed while at Caitlyn’s Malibu residence, so the segment will probably appear on Caitlyn’s upcoming docuseries.

Caitlyn has been quite vocal about Kim’s support, noting in recent interviews that she is (surprisingly) the one who has been most receptive to her transition.

And Kim sounds like she has never been more proud of her step-dad. She even went to Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair shoot, which was a historical shoot as it introduced the world to Caitlyn, formerly Bruce Jenner.

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“It was so beautiful. I actually went to the shoot, and that was my first time meeting Caitlyn, Kim told Entertainment Tonight. “She’s beautiful, and I’m so proud that she can just be her authentic self. I guess that’s what life is about.”

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