Yes, she’s lost a $75,000 earring in the ocean. But one thing Kim Kardashian insists she wouldn’t misplace is her precious daughter North West.

Kardashian came under scrutiny Wednesday after a video appeared to show the reality star walking out of a Paris hotel and to her waiting vehicle without her daughter.

In the now viral clip, Kardashian exits her hotel and walks to the car without North. She then walks back into the building and exits a second time with North in her arms, leading many viewers to believe that Kardashian almost left North in the hotel. But Kardashian has now spoken out about the rumor, saying the video was misleading and that she never left North alone in the hotel.

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Kardashian took to Twitter to clarify the situation. She said that she took the first trip to the van to make sure North’s car seat was in the vehicle. She then went back into the hotel to get her daughter and brought her out so they could leave for the airport.

So no need to fret North West fans! Mama Kim was only making sure North was safe and secure for their trip to the airport.

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