Living the life of a reality TV star in the spotlight can get stressful. Lucky for Kim Kardashian then, that sisters Kourtney, with a baby on board, and Khloé, a newlywed, are there to take the attention for now. “I think I’m just going to lay low and let them shine and let them do what they are going to do,” Kim tells Extra.

“I’m just going to live my life,” adds Kim, who has recently been living that life reunited with boyfriend Reggie Bush. Kim tells Extra the twosome spent the week together before Reggie, a player for the New Orleans Saints football team, had to head back to New Orleans.

Since Reggie was needed by his team, Kim walked the red carpet alone at last night’s Hollywood Style Awards. OK!’s contributing beauty editor knows plenty about style, nabbing the Style Siren award.

“You have to step it up when you are getting a style award,” Kim reveals.

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