Last week, bountiful-bootied celebutante Kim Kardashian performed with the Pussycat Dolls, much to the delight of a hooting and hollering crowd. And even though the main man in Kim’s life, NFL superstar Reggie Bush, wasn’t able to be there in person, he still managed to catch her in all her scantily clad glory.

"We instant-messaged right before the show," Kim told OK! at the Sunkist/MTV Ultimate End of Summer Bash at The London West Hollywood. "He could see the costume and I did my whole little performance for him to show him what I was going to be doing. He asked me to take a video."

And while Kim said she hopes to work with the Dolls again soon, she admitted that their saucy dance numbers are not as easy as you might think. "I was so nervous," she explained. "There was water in the bathtub and I didn’t want to slip… I didn’t practice it with the water to start with." Regardless, Kim calls the whole experience, "exhilarating… very empowering."

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