Kim Kardashian‘s hair may be changing colors a lot lately, but that’s not the only thing.

“My whole family’s changed over the course of a few months and, you know, it’s just fun. We have all of these new, fun people in our lives and it just is like a growing family!” Kim told reporters at the 6thh Annual Hollywood Style Awards on Sunday in L.A.

Kim revealed that while she’s excited about her own life achievements right now (new fragrance, designing for Bebe and contributing beauty editor at OK!, just to name a few) she’s most looking forward to being an aunt.

“This is just the most exciting new step in our lives, and I think everyone in the family can’t wait for the baby to come!” Kim announced.

Kim revealed that she didn’t know it was a boy for much longer than everyone else, explaining, “No, not really,” when asked whether sister Kourtney clued her in early.

“She actually didn’t even want to find out, so we waited and then planning the baby shower, we’re like, ‘Okay, you gotta give us some kind of color here because we don’t know what to do!’ And so she found out.”

Diaper duty is no fear for Kim, and in fact she said it makes her want a baby of her own!

“You see what my sister’s going through and it’s so much fun, and she’s picking out cribs and high chairs, and I’m getting her little clothes and little shoes  and it’s all so cute!” Kim said.

Maybe Kourt’s son will be having a cousin sooner rather than later!

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